Flowers in close-up

My camera is an ordinary DC, not DSLR, so I don't have a real marco lens. Mostly I use the 'little flower' lens of DC while taking flower shots (somehow I rather consider these are close-up picture, not marco), in order to have a better DOF, and avoiding the distractions of annoying background. But focus and hand shake are the new problems. My one and only one stupid solution is, taking more pictures. I wonder do they make real differences between the flowers in close-up with our visual experience of everyday life.


Composition on a watering stair

The structure of this watering stair is rather interesting. Surround the main structure it have many substructure like wall that people can pass through. When the night calms down the noises of city, the darks become the best background. In this series of pictures, what interested me most are the relationships of those structures, and how they related to the background, the night.

Some gestures of sunflower

This is the third blog of sunflower series. From the last season of past year, I had taken many pictures of sunflower. Most of them are just recorded of the beautiful flower, and they are not reached the level of fine art still. Maybe there will be another sunflower season to come in the late season of this year, looking forward to express this flower in a more creative way. In case you’re interested, you may find more of my sunflower pictures in this address: http://photo.net/photodb/folder?folder_id=844676

some structure of a sunflower bud

When a sunflower is not totally blossom, or while it is having its seeds, take a closed look at its bud, maybe you’ll find something interesting in it.

OP Art of a sunflower’s bud

The bud of a sunflower is quite interesting and beautiful. Its arrangement is orderly arrayed. If you watch it a little bit of time you may find it begin to flow, maybe like an OP Art.