A luxury playground

Although the economics recession keeps going on, and the future is not so bright either, yet I still went to the luxury goods department store at the second day while it was opened. I found there were many people just like me, smiling face every where, among the families, couples or customers. They passed through one floor to another, laughing and chattering. “Even we can not afford it, take this as a sight seeing is very delightful still.” they said. Somehow the economics crisis became colorful bubbles, floating on the counters, being forgotten temporarily. Yet what interested me was the architecture of the department store itself.


From nothing

A friend on web commented one picture of this series that it was created from nothing. I think what he meant is that the stepping stone of pavement is not a popular subject to shoot. Somehow with a different perspective I think the pattern of these stepping stone can be interesting to. Maybe one dimension of the essence of creation is that it came from nothing. All are just for fun.


Big drops, small drops, fell on green plate of jade

Strolling the water lily pool on a summer early morning, smelling the sweetness of the air, and watching the full bloom flowers and the rolling droplets on the leaves, that’s really the happiest moment of my life. So I like to take pictures of the droplets, on dawn or after the rain, trying to capture their cleanness, clarity, and their unstable character. Actually I like things that can reflect light, I’ll post the related pictures on some other time.


A stainless steel structure of a tower-like building

This building located in front of a musical center at the city where I live. Its main structure is made of dark green marble or granite, sited on top of this building is a structure of stainless steel square frames which supports pieces of transparent glass. When you stand at the center of this building and look up, you may find perfect symmetry pattern made by those square frames, after a while, also you may have an illusion that those squares are moving. Besides the marble reflected those frames and form an interesting pattern too.


Recently I have cooperated with a company in Canada, exclusively licensing 25 pictures of mine (list below) to them, to produce related products for their clients to decorate the business spaces. Maybe I’ll add more licensed pictures in the future.