Big architectures and green parks increase in the city where I live these years, so there are more and more installation art and public art outdoors. Tribute to those artists and their inspiring works.


Tribute(2): “Original appearance: breathe here, our expectation” by M. N Lyu

This stainless steel sculpture was display at the iron sculpture festival last year, it was created by M. N Lyu, and part of the sculpture is still at the same place now. There are two parts of the sculpture, one is iron skeleton structure placed on a ruin brick kiln, the other part placed at the opposite site of the skeleton is a stainless steel miniature model of the brick kiln. According to the menu of the festival, this art work not only reproduced the appearance of the ruin brick kiln, but also tried to contrast to the human lust in urban building. What interested me most were the reflections of surrounding environment on the stainless steel plate of this miniature model.


Tribute(1): “Dome of light” by Narcissus Quagliata

Because of the budget The Department of Rapid Transit Systems could not clean the dust on the station as the schedule, so the great glass art “Dome of light” by Narcissus Quagliata had veiled by dust also. I pick out the pictures I took last year while it was just open, except for the last one, and tribute to the great art and artist.