Drifting light

While I came to the small pond, the early bloom water lily had withered and fallen, only some petals left upon the water. I picked up a petal casually, examined her by the sunlight, and put her back into the pond afterwards. Let her drifting, spinning, or grounding, as her wish.


Under a cable-stayed bridge

Because I can not find the way up to the bridge, so I just took some pictures under the bridge. It was a little bit of a rush that day, I hope I could have more time to take more pictures in a more deeper way.


White lily of the Ancestors-Memorial Day

On the Ancestors-Memorial Day (April, 5) we had bought some lily flowers for our past relatives. So with the sunlight outside of the widow, and the original painted wall and black cardboard as background, I took some pictures to record their gestures.