The festival of sunflower (8) : the other side

This series of sunflower pictures is about to end. The golden sunflowers seem to be so brilliant under the blue sky and white clouds, always. Yet behind the sparkling, there are some corners maybe unnoticed, dimmed with light, telling another stories, beyond the youth and beauty.


The festival of sunflower (7) : trials on composition and form

On this season of sunflower festival, besides improving my skills on capturing the light/shadows, texture, and details, I had made some practices on composition and form that I seldom used on last season. I hope there maybe some different looks on the final result of my sunflowers.


The festival of sunflower (6) : against the light

On this festival I always squatted down while I took the sunflower pictures. Sometimes when I looked back, a huge flower or bud was swinging with the wind, against the sunlight.