As a flower, full bloom

'2009 The World Games' in Kaohsiung, Taiwan ended over a month. I had taken some pictures about the main stadium while the games was processing. My main interest was on its geometry construction of the iron tubes.


Oh, Diana

'Oh! Diana. Up high in the sky at night, can you see? My heart, why so hurts … '. Excerpt from a famous pop song lyrics of Taiwan, often used to comfort the suffers of disasters in recent years.

Flower of 'Barringtonia racemos ' species blooms at night, with fragrance, attracts insects like moss. Yet fade away in the next morning, fall to the ground, and turn into the fertile soil. The florescence last only one night like firework, bright and brilliant, yet transient.



When the typhoon just stopped, I went to the small local park that afternoon as my old habit, to see the damages caused by the strong wind and rain. Except for the fallen leaves, trunks that tear down, and small trees uprooted, everything is the same as usual. While I was leaving I saw a small tree by the park, open his mouth, standing still, soundlessly.