Perfect symmetry

Generally, after I took the photos I would use a software 'ACDSee v.8.0' for some basic post-treatment and filing. There is a 'Effect' in ACDSee named 'Mirror', that it will horizontally overturn the left part (right, upper or lower part as well) of a picture, then tag the overturn part to the original picture to form a new picture which is perfect symmetry. I had used the 'Effect' to create some interesting pictures I thought.


Threads of missing you

Air roots hung on the trees of ‘Chinese banyan’ and ‘Hevea brasiliensis’ species, often seen in the park, swing with the summer breeze, just like the threads of missing you.


A cheerful parking lot

On the roof of a mall is an open-air parking lot. There are white lines on the ground to make the parking area for cars, and colorful plastic strips on the iron supporters to shelter the sunlight on fine days. It was not a working day, NO one car, or man on the parking lot this afternoon, yet very cheerful, unusually, like having a party.