Lines on the ground

People seem to love to draw lines on the ground. In childhood draw some lines on the ground, make them to be a few squares, then you can play the 'hopscotch' game. While growing up, draw some straight and curve lines on the road, passers-by and cars will follow them orderly. It seems when things getting more complex the lines on the ground become more and more.


Composition practice on yellow Chrysanthemum flower

This is my second trail to take Chrysanthemum flower pictures. On the Summer Ghost Festival (July, 15 of lunar calendar) we had bought some yellow Chrysanthemum flowers, so I had a more free situation to practice on the composition of the flower.


The red dragon

There is a river running through the city, the dwellers called her ‘Love River’. It had been a long time the dwellers was away from her, until recent years people come back after the local government's striving of restoration. The government dug two artificial lakes on the northern part of the river about two years ago, the two lakes was divided by a main road, so they built a new bridge to connect the lakes, and named the area as ‘Heart of Love River’. When evening fall, the neon of the bridge light up, there is dragon alive on the river, a red dragon, against the river flying high, lighting up the blue night.