A brick kiln

This brick kiln located at Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. It founded in 1895, and stopped manufacturing bricks for many years. In December, 2003 the brick kiln had been registered as a nation-defined monument, start to be restored, and now had been accomplished mostly. In November, last year the government of Kaohsiung City raised '2008 Kaohsiung Steel and Iron Sculpture Festival' on this kiln, so the kiln opened to the public for visiting, after the festival the kiln closed again. Once before the brick kiln restored I went to the kiln for taking some flowers pictures, I met a middle age gentleman, he was so kind to tell me that his granddad had work for the kiln, there were three big chimneys then, don't know why one was crashed down. At that time, after the bricks had been made they used bull cart or small boat to transport. At colonized age how the Japanese manage the kiln … and so on. Besides he told his son to take some pictures quickly, something may be different after the restored. Actually I’m not grown up in Kaohsiung, so the photos below were taken after the kiln was restored, I wonder if I had presented the past glory of the kiln well.

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