A baseball-stop net

The first time I passed the baseball field, I was attracted by the ball-stop net at the outfield. The baseball field was restored then, and I needed to do some other things, so I took a few shots and left. The previous day of a typhoon I went back to baseball field the second time. At that day the sky was so blue, the clouds as white as snow, and there were very windy. The wind blew the ball-stop net hanging tightly on the iron pole as the sails of a sailboat. It seemed what the net want to capture was not the balls but the clouds. While I examined the pictures I took of the last two times, it seemed something missing. So after the typhoon two days I went back again. There were blue sky and white clouds as the previous time, but some of the ball-stop net was half-collapsed, and I knew what was missing then. While I was taking the pictures, a man passed by and asked what I was shooting at? After my explanations he said that I should take the landscape pictures by the sea, ‘it is more beautiful’ he said. Maybe he had some points there, I guess.

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